Accounting Software Helpdesk Support

Our Customer Service team is dedicated to helping all of our users and customers succeed on all fronts and get the most value and useĀ out of software systems implemented.

We offer expert-level customer support in a variety of methods including email, phone, online help and remote connection.

Our Customer Service team members are highly knowledgeable experts on accounting applications.

With Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in place to respond to your issues we pride ourselves on ourĀ fast response times and 100% resolution of all issues.

Support Provides the following services:

  • Facility for user to log and track the status of their own tickets
  • In System direct support Email facility
  • 24/7 live phone support including after hours business support
  • Remote Assisance using Teamviewer to enable connection to your PC
  • Service Level Agreements according to priority
  • Free application Webinars up to twice weekly on various system features lasting 15-20 minutes in duration.
  • Improvement suggestions which will be logged and reviewed by a Change Review Team